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Unlock a world of possibilities for your young ones by instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship from an early age. At "Catch Them Young Entrepreneurship," we believe in nurturing young minds to become the business leaders of tomorrow. Our programs are designed to ignite creativity, foster problem-solving skills, and cultivate a mindset that embraces innovation.

Our Vision

We have a vision of grooming an African child to grow in entrepreneurship training for nation building

Value Preposition

- A scalable Technology Platform.
- Curated curriculum for African business landscape.

Why Choose Us

With the BMI-CTY academy a child gets basic training and information on entrepreneurship to become a nation builder. The learning path creates awareness on wealth creation, talent enhancement and business development. It contributes toward capacity development and building right mentality for innovations. We have curated a curriculum and tailored a Mentorship Programme with rich and engaging content(videos, quizzes and reading materials) for different age groups (7 – 14 yrs) On completion of the course, there will be Projects, Certificate of completion and Graduation into the Millionaires Cohort which has several benefits which includes Challenge and win, rich interaction, critical thinking and mentorship.

Our Mission Statement


To equip budding entrepreneurs by providing them with required training and information, building confidence through activities, and nurturing their skills by conducting training and events related to entrepreneurship and enterprise development.

To conduct and co-ordinate research activities for or in collaboration with various institutions and organizations, especially those engaged in entrepreneurship/enterprise development and ICT.

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BMI-CTY Initiative

The Six Sense of Training

BMI-CTY fosters entrepreneurship awareness, wealth creation, talent enhancement, and small business development using the Six Sense training for children 7 – 14 years
We’re here to support poor people

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    Business Matters Incubators(BMI) Finishing School is founded by successful African entrepreneurs to incubate potential young entrepreneurs that will build nations in Africa. The idea is to mentor them at various levels and to maturity using life-applicable techniques.

    “Catch Them Young Entrepreneurship” is an educational initiative dedicated to introducing and nurturing entrepreneurial skills in children and teens. Our programs aim to inspire creativity, instill problem-solving abilities, and cultivate leadership qualities from an early age.

    Our programs cater to children and teenagers of various age groups. We have tailored activities for different age ranges to ensure age-appropriate learning experiences.

    Most of our programs do not have strict prerequisites. However, some programs may have age recommendations or specific requirements outlined in their respective details. Feel free to contact us for personalized guidance based on your child’s needs and interests.


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